How It Works

We make video production easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Tell us what you need via email or phone.
  2. We come up with a custom proposal for your project. This describes the work, finished product, and costs.
  3. You review the proposal, requesting changes if necessary.
  4. Once the proposal is agreed upon, we sign an agreement, you make an initial payment, and we begin pre-production.
  5. San Diego Video Pro will research the venue/location for any restrictions or requirements for filming.
  6. Scheduling, locations, subjects, and shots are established in a storyboard A/V script.
  7. You review the script, requesting changes if necessary.
  8. Once the script is agreed upon, we are ready to video.
  9. We film all scenes using the storyboard A/V script as a checklist.
  10. We film extra, unplanned scenes as opportunities arise.
  11. Editing begins and we create a rough, first cut.
  12. You review the rough cut and request changes if necessary.
  13. Once the rough cut is agreed upon, a refined cut is edited.
  14. You review the final cut and request changes if necessary.
  15. The final video is delivered, and you pay any remaining balance. Repeat!

Weddings & Events

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your lifetime. It is our passion to produce a wedding video you will cherish for a lifetime! We have experience with everything from micro-budget weddings in nature to grand affairs in the finest venues.

A compilation of some of our real wedding video productions.

The videos below are highlights from some of the real wedding videos we’ve produced. We hope you enjoy them and consider us for your grand video!

Our real production of Karen and Sean’s wedding in La Jolla.
One of our real wedding productions. Congratulations Alex and Tom!


In addition to weddings, we also produce exquisite video for events such as parties, fundraisers, tournaments, birthdays, and more. We’d love to hear about your project!

Avant-Garde Magazine Fashion Event.

Business & Industrial

Logos from several business clients
Some of our real clients.

We want your business to succeed. Nothing feels better than when our business clients tell us our videos helped them reach– and surpass– their goals. The biggest companies have dedicated, in-house video production teams to help market their products and services. For the rest of us, there is San Diego Video Pro. Consider us part of your team!

Click on a video to see some of our real projects:

Editing & Animation

Anything you can imagine, we can visualize. We are experts in animation, motion graphics, visual effects, and video editing. Whether you need simple cuts, lower thirds, basic text, 2D animations, or 3D characters, we can help. Tell us more about your project!

One of our real projects.


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Each video project is unique, and we need to understand your vision in order to give you an accurate quote.  Please give us a description of your video need, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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